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Jones Property Management Katonah Lewisboro New York

Your trusted property caretaker


Empowering you to do more for your home

As property caretakers, JPM will keep your property in tip-top shape. We’ll take care of everything from maintaining your property, to creating spaces that are livable and enjoyable, to ensuring it remains in good condition for your enjoyment or renters/buyers. We’ll also make sure everything is running smoothly by performing regular maintenance tasks such as changing air filters and inspecting your HVAC system.

Home caretaking and monitoring
Home caretaking
Landscape contracting and leveling
Landscape contracting
Regular landscape maintenance and leaf blowing
Regular maintenance


Meet the people behind JPM

You're in good hands with us because not only am I a hard worker, but I'm also the kind of person who loves building strong relationships with my clients. To me, it's not just about delivering great services, but also about getting to know my clients and building a connection with them. I genuinely care about your needs and always strive to bring my best to every job, whether it's paying attention to the tiniest detail or bringing a positive attitude to the work. With me, you can count on a professional and friendly experience!

Wood chipper


Have a project or idea? Contact us and let’s make it happen.

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