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Landscape contracting

At Jones Property Management, we're passionate about landscape contracting. Our team has a natural talent for good spatial awareness, allowing us to design and implement landscape solutions that transform outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas. We can flatten ground, figure out drainage, and create new areas for seating, dining, or outdoor recreation. Our ultimate goal is to make your outdoor area not just beautiful but livable - a space that enhances your property and your lifestyle.

Soil Turnover Jones Property Management
Land clearing Jones Prop in Katonah New York
Home caretaking Katonah Lewisboro New York

Home caretaking

At Jones Property Management, we take home caretaking seriously. Our team is dedicated to maintaining a comfortable and safe home for you and your family by being present and taking care of your property regularly. We're meticulous when it comes to checking your heat system, walking around your property to identify potential issues, and ensuring that your plumbing is in good working order. We're committed to keeping your home in top condition, whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs. Count on us to be there for you and your home!

Home caretaking Katonah Lewisboro New York

Regular maintenance

At Jones Property Management, we provide top-notch outdoor maintenance services to keep your property looking great throughout the year. Our team specializes in mowing, mulching, pruning, trimming, and seasonal services like leaf and snow removal. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our services to meet them. Whether you need ongoing maintenance or a one-time clean-up, we're here to help!

Leaf blowing Katonah Lewisboro New York
Gravel turnover katonah lewisboro New York


You've got the ideas, we've got the tools.

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